PIXLS sometimes slow on topic / thread first-load (only)?

(tagging @patdavid and @darix since they may be best placed to have a clue)

I’m not assuming an issue with PIXLS, just trying to figure out what’s happening since it’s kinda frequent. This has been for about two weeks, maybe ??

  1. Hit the site, it responds OK
  2. Choose an area (e.g., Software | RawTherapee | all tags, etc.), and it responds OK
  3. Click on a topic and ~30% of time … wait … wait … wait … wait … wait …

… sometimes it will eventually load, but often I’ll refresh after 30 seconds or so which takes a few seconds and then I’m back at the topic list. Click the same topic again and it loads normally. When it’s slow, it’s always been the actual thread, not a category.

This is consistent when it happens, although it doesn’t happen every time. My 30% figure is a rough estimate but seems reasonable. I’ve rebooted / restarted everything in sight on my end and I’m seeing no consistent issues from any other sites, just PIXLS.

Anyone else run into this? Kinda weird.


I’ve been seeing this lately, too. I will be browsing the site just fine, then when I open another topic, there is a “spinner” (Java ??) that spins for a long while. Sometimes, I go to another browser tab and do something entirely different, and when I come back to the PIXLS tab, the page has completed loading.

I am on a very fast PC with a fast internet connection (500 mbps). Other sites are not doing this.


Confirmed… since a few days, i realized that the login takes much longer than usual.


Minor update - Not as often but I just got a delay that never succeeded in going to my user summary (photo at upper right). So it’s not just the topics.

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I’m seeing this too, in Firefox on Win11. Actually, I’ve never been sure that it’s not something about my internet connection, as I’ve seen this now and then for at least the last few months. Other sites don’t do it (or at least not nearly as often). Glad its not just me :slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed it lately as well (I was blaming my internet connection usually). Not sure what it might be but I’ll ask the grand pooba.


this can happen:

  1. I just did maintenance on the machine and our application server is in post startup without many things cached.
  2. we reach the max number of threads/connections for either the application server or the DB behind.

mitigations applied:

  1. VM has now more vcpus
  2. pg connection limit bumped
  3. thread count in application server increased

lets see if this helps.


feels good this morning :slight_smile:

Seems better so, topics open without any waiting time anymore.

I have a different kind of problem (maybe …) often I cannot load the page when browsing from Firefox on Android. When it happens, I have to kill FF and try again. Eventually it works , but it might take a couple of trials. This also seems random, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have ublock active, didn’t try without. On any other browser or platform everything works fine.

I have both unlock and privacy badger on ff android, and I don’t have that issue. :slight_smile:

I use the PIXLS app on Android most of the time and FF on desktop all the time, although FF is also my Android browser (both have AdBlock installed). But so far it’s been better on desktop since @darix made the changes.

The only time I haven’t gotten any issues whatsoever. All my luck for the moment when everyone else is having them. Ha ha.


For the past few hours I’ve seen this several times again. image But it’s probably because I need to be spending time on Christmas activities rather than staring at my computer… :smiley:

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It was better for the past day or so, but it is happening again, this evening.

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I have the same issue on FF on Android. Chrome seems to work.

The main pixls.us page loads instantly however when I select “Discuss” is just hangs for quite a while, as in minutes.

Once it loads the posts it works as normal with no delays. I was blaming FF for this but I never figured out why.

Exactly what I observe

I have had to disable uBlock Origin in Android Firefox, as otherwise there were huge delays. But this was not specific to this site. Maybe I enabled too many filter lists?

Same here, and my settings, addons and extensions are pretty aggressive. The first thing I would try is troubleshooting mode. That loads vanilla Firefox.

Another factor is the browser version, which depends on your OS, machine, software manager and release type. It may not necessarily be the latest either because of staggered releases.


  1. Spoofing the user agent doesn’t always work.
  2. On Android, I use Firefox Nightly.