PIXLS.US Blog - G'MIC 2.0

(Pat David) #2

Congratulations on the 2.0 release G’MIC team! :tada: :champagne:

(Isaac Ullah) #3

I just had a quick mess around with it. Impressive work! A lot of improvements and additions. Here’s something fun I made with my profile image using the “black crayon” filter:



Good job and good summary!

The http://gmic.eu website could benefit from more of the examples and tutorials found on https://pixls.us/ and https://discuss.pixls.us, or at least provide the appropriate links. Maybe the site just needs an overhaul; e.g., we have pages that still say “Latest stable version: 1.7.4” and have old tutorials that might need revising. That kind of gives G’MIC less credit than it deserves.

(G'MIC staff) #5

Could you give the URLs ? I’d be interested to change those if necessary. Thanks !

(clepsydrae) #6

Awesome! Thanks to all who contributed!

(Lyle Kroll) #7

A fantastic write-up. Going to share this elsewhere where I usually share my stuff. :slight_smile:


Maybe these examples and tutorials could be included as a help file in G’mic? G’mic is a wonderfull tool but lacks a lot of documentation.

(Frank Tegtmeyer) #9

Hi David, hi Patrick,

somewhat shorter summary in German:

Regards, Frank


E.g., pages under http://gmic.eu/tutorial/ still display “Latest stable version: 1.7.4”.


Amazing article! I am sold


New version looks really smooth…
Currently, the download links for G’MIC for Windows (64 bits) zip file & G’MIC for Windows (32 bits) zip file go nowhere (looking for non qt version)… looks like they maybe need the gmic_qt_win64 & gmic_qt_win32 path update.

(Mica) #13

Hopefully @David_Tschumperle will update the links soon!

(G'MIC staff) #14

Yes, it should be fixed now, thanks for noticing this :slight_smile:

(G'MIC staff) #15

David Revoy has posted some more details about his use of the G’MIC Smart Coloring filter in a recent blog post :


lineart parameters

One more to look at:

Link for “G’MIC for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial (64 bits) - all interfaces” leads to message:

“The requested URL /files/prerelease_linux/gmic_ubuntu_trusty_amd64.deb was not found on this server.”

(G'MIC staff) #17

Indeed, should be fixed now. Thanks !

(SteveU) #19

Thanks for the info on G’MIC 2.0. I was able to install it for Gimp on Fedora. However, I had some trouble finding it. I learned it is best to search for GMIC not G’MIC.

(Jeffrey Johnson) #20

This article has been here a while, but I was wondering if Patrick David had a place to recommend new film emulations. Just saw an article about a ‘new’ film called ‘Street Candy ATM400’. It is a high contrast sharp black and white film, and the examples posted looked good.

(Pat David) #21

Good question. :slight_smile: I think some of the stuff that @stefan.chirila has produced are pretty sweet.

Did you have a link for the “Street Candy ATM400”?

(Stefan Chirila) #22

@patdavid, I believe that @johjeff might be talking about this film here ( https://www.oneyearwithfilmonly.com/street-candy-film ) which is an actual film stock that is for sale, and that he may want a digital replica of it.