Pixls.us forums on older ipad - disappeared!

I have an old 3rd gen Ipad…it’s still fine for websurfing, reading e-books etc. Has been very useful for browsing this website up until a couple of days ago. It now no longer shows content of a thread. The front page loads fine, then clicking on a topic opens the topic title, nothing but blank content, then it does show the standard “Suggested Messages” section at the bottom. Basically all the posts within the topic show blank. Same for any browser I try. Haven’t seen this in any other website I bring up - just this one so far.

On the screen shot below notice the blue scroll bar runs into the Suggested Topics section.

what model?
what iOS version?

Ancient! 3rd gen model A1416. iOS 9.3.5 and can’t update any more. Too old for Discourse, but thanks for the suggestion. As mentioned, was working fine up until Sunday - I’m guessing this site maybe made some changes?

Its too bad…hate to see a perfectly good ipad just get less useful :confounded:

Yes, @darix works hard on keeping us running smoothly!

Is there another browser you could install?

Not sure it would matter as Apple doesn’t allow other rendering engines.

True - I tried 4 different browsers, all the same problem. Thanks to you both for your help. Maybe its time to upgrade the ipad - difficult for me since I’m so cheap! :laughing:

Ah, sorry. I don’t use apple devices, so I’m not very familiar :slight_smile:

Same problem (and same iPad model) here.

I guess its time to think about upgrading…