[Play Raw] Chace - Forward Catch


(Brian Edworthy) #1

This is Chace, my muse and friend, attached is a raw file for you to fiddle with, and a jpg of what I came up with.
Processed in Gimp 2.10, imported with NUFraw (as darktable screws up the exposure)
There is some further tweaking as follows:

  1. Gaussian Blur applied to backdrop
  2. G’Mic Relief Light to create a new layer
  3. Layer set to Overlay, 72%

Under members advice i am granting site users license under Creative Commons “BY-NC-SA” and we will see how that works out

IMK50358.DNG (21.9 MB)

This file is licensed
(Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike).

(darix) #2

Play raw threads should be CC licensed. you can even attach something like CC-BY-NC-SA if you wanted.

For an explaination start here: https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/

(Brian Edworthy) #3

Ahh thats a shame, I will attempt to delete the post then

(darix) #4

Why? … the CC-BY-NC-SA gives you all the protection you want.

To summarize it

  • BY: you need to be mentioned as copyright holder when ever the photo is shown
  • NC: no commercial use
  • SA: if someone wants to share it they have to use the same free license.

The copyright stays with you anyway. A clause that you could not add of course is the ND clause
which would be “No Derivatives”.

(Mica) #5

To add a bit: the CC license help protect the forum and its members from any ill intent (not implying that you have any bad intentions, but this is the internet and we need to think “worst case”). We don’t have money for copyright infringements and lawyers, nor do we even want to get involved in such things.

This image is magnificent though! I hope you change your mind.

(Brian Edworthy) #6

I have edited the post to reflect your suggestion

(Brian Edworthy) #7

Thank you, we were really happy with it at the time, I see a bit of room for improvement now.
Yeah, most people do not approach life with ill intent, it’s just those fringe elements who want to see the world burn.

I have added the CC license, and will see what transpires :slight_smile:


Darktable IMK50358.DNG.xmp (12.0 KB)


Nice photo and B&W!

Thanks for adding the license. Maybe add the text “BY-NC-SA” or “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” to make it even clearer.

PS My physical flexibility has always been extremely low. :disappointed:

(Pat David) #10

Oh man, thank you for this! I was just remarking in IRC when you posted it how much I liked this shot and hoped we’d be able to try things out with it.

I love the results of using relief light to enhance the muscles and texture. I normally paint those in by hand, but I’ll try that out myself. :smiley:

(Brian Edworthy) #11

This is a 10 minute hack job hahaha, the original ones I did I took a lot more time with, using a combination of techniques including some hand dodge and burn.
I really need to reshoot this with her, to try and get more out of it before post process, but we’ll see


IMK50358.jpg.out.pp3 (10.7 KB)


Wow! what a fantastic photo! Here is my take purely with darktable.

IMK50358.DNG.xmp (5.3 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #14

Color version:

IMK50358-2.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)
B&W version:

IMK50358BW-1.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

(Andrew Keech) #15

Tried to keep the brightness range appropriate to the lighting environment, and gave the b&w look something more filmish (with an appropriate color filter on the lens).

(Thomas) #16

Darktable only, with a pinch of color.

IMK50358.DNG.xmp (15.3 KB)

(Pat David) #17

A bit of fiddling in RawTherapee.
A little more fiddling in GIMP.

A bit of curves. An insane application of GEGL C2G (set it and walked away for a while…).
Cleaning background, expanding canvas to fit crop, some dodge & burn.

IMK50358.DNG.pp3 (11.1 KB)


IMK50358.DNG.pp3 (12.3 KB)

(Andrew) #19

@patdavid, I will never know as much about processing as you, but :slight_smile: , I feel you have lost some nice tones in the standing leg. How about a Version 2?!


IMK50358.DNG.pp3 (13.9 KB)
RawTherapee 5.4 newlocallab, 2 spots on feet
GIMP to remove background.