[Play Raw] Chace - Forward Catch


(Francesco Riosa) #21

Could not resist, anti-gravity version

IMK50358.dng.pp3 (11.3 KB)

(Boris Hajdukovic) #22

Very nice photo @wolfworx !

My “metalic” version :slight_smile:
Made with darktable and GIMP.


@s7habo :+1: Thought a spotlight would be nice. The silhouette is on the sharp side and the lady too metallic for my tastes, but the overall composition is good. :art:

(Brian Edworthy) #24

I like that it brings out the colour of her outfit :slight_smile:

(Brian Edworthy) #25

I have some truly amazing ones where she is forward like this, good idea tho

(Dave Jones) #26

darktable 2.4.3 has no issue with the exposure, for me.
Which version are you using @wolfworx ?

I only used darktable for this. I like the textures of the wall and floor; they gave the lady context.
The image is great, hardly needed anything , just a few creative tweaks and a crop (easiest way to remove two spots top right)
Also, defringe module did wonders for the straps on her costume!

(Brian Edworthy) #27

By Darktable, I do mean Darktable acting as a raw pre processor, where everything looks great, however when it opens in Gimp the exposure jumps up a few stops, I will check version later :slight_smile:

(Dave Jones) #28

I just checked:
Opened the DNG with GIMP 2.10, darktable 2.4.3 opens. I don’t edit, close darktable immediately.
Image opens in GIMP, exposure is correct.
I am using Ubuntu 18.04
Let me know if you need any other info.


(Brian Edworthy) #29

I am happy to say that upgrading my Darktable 2.4.0 to 2.4.3 has cured the issue !

(Brian Edworthy) #30

Thank you yes, I tried really hard to get it as right as I could in camera. the annoying dirt spots on the sensor and bits on the backdrop are just a part of the deal I guess hahahah

(Dave Jones) #31


(Hector) #32

My attempt using RawTherapee and Gimp/GMIC




Edit #4: I botched the processing and colour management steps several times. v4 should be correct now, warranting a new post. I will remove the other one to avoid confusion.

I wanted to cast a spotlight on Chace but @s7habo beat me too it… I wanted to place Chace on an Olympic diving platform but couldn’t find a suitable base photo… Oh well, let’s see what I can do. :slight_smile:

1 PhotoFlow → linear Rec.2020 (no clipping) → area WB (background).
2 GIMP → gradient norm (G’MIC plugin) → selection tools (fuzzy, free, grow) → background mask.
3 gmic → soften mask (blur) → mask to whiteout background (copy) → brighten (iterative screen blend) → sharpen (tone) → resize → sharpen (edge) → crop.
4 Inkscape → set text and box → position subject.
5 GIMP → reassign linear Rec.2020 → convert to sRGB → apply gamma (levels) → export.


(Brian Edworthy) #36

Dubi, she WOULD approve of the tan ! :grinning:

(Brian Edworthy) #37

I love her in red

(Andrew) #38

@afre, I thought the previous one was good, but you’d need to post the two side by side to see the difference I feel!


@RawConvert I have terrible screens, and my eyes and mind have been burnt out lately. I was feeling adventurous and attempted to do some impromptu colour management across multiple apps.

I usually just export to linear Rec.2020 and not bother assigning or converting to another profile, mainly because gmic doesn’t care about colour management and I haven’t figured out how to get it to work in Inkscape. Every time, I switch apps, something is bound to mess up, on top of me being colour challenged (I have trouble identifying colours). In this case, my laptop and mobile show very different colours.

Anyway, all this thinking has led me to this alt take. :slight_smile:

1-3 ditto.
4 GIMP → variations by applying and converting to various gamma-profile combinations.
5 Inkscape → box text → positioning.

I call it Variations in Cm, a pun for Colour Management and C minor. Enjoy!

(Andrew) #40

I Cmajor tones and semitones here…