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Hey everyone. Long time, no see! I did a little photo experiment the other night, and would like to see what you do with this.

The picture was taken on the beach after sunset. I set up a strobe light to light the model, then did a timed exposure while spinning the camera to create the pink and blue swirls behind and around her.

In RawTherapee, I wanted the color from the sky to be more saturated, and did a decent job using the CL and CC adjustments. But then her skin got way too saturated. So I wound up outputting two different TIFF files, one with the LAB adjustments turned on, and one with the LAB adjustments off. Then I put them into the Gimp as layers, and masked out the woman’s skin. My result:

Raw file here: https://filebin.net/y116sws732i9l60u/0U4A0177.CR2?t=bwcpxfy2

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Good one. I like the teal colors you put on the outside. Did you use masks to keep the woman from getting too saturated?

To counteract the tone curves I used specific desaturation of reds in “color zones”. I also used “haze removel” to increase color contrast, where a masked out the woman.

0U4A0177.pfi (88.5 KB)

This is just about the craziest most complicated thing I’ve ever tried doing with Photoflow. The model’s skin is masked using a combination of curves, guided filters and where everything else failed, a few hand drawn masks to get rid of particularly nasty orange stripes. Once the masking was done the actual colour adjustments are relatively easy.


What a wonderful picture @Stampede! This could be an awesome music album cover. I went full pastel on this one. Made in RT 5.6.

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Purple haze, all around
Don’t know if I’m comin’ up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me (Jimi Hendrix)

RT 5.6 with a curve in GIMP 2.10.10
0U4A0177.CR2.pp3 (11.9 KB)


Good idea on the haze removal. I did not try that, but I will now!. Since I use RT and don’t know how to use DT, we have pretty coarse masking options available to us, and only in the color tab.

RT does have a pretty good haze remover tool, though. I will see what it does. Thanks again for sharing your process.

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@Stampede My favourite so far. I prefer mellower images. :stuck_out_tongue: