[Play Raw] Hamburg Speicherstadt



little castle (Speicherstadt Hamburg)

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released under CC BY-NC-SA

(Ingo Weyrich) #2

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(Thomas) #3

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(Roel) #4

Lovely picture! And actually a place I’ve been to. I did a rather simple edit. Some color tweaking, getting rid of the substantial purple fringes and a nice crop. All using RawTherapee 5.5 (dev version).

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@gRuGo Oh, that is a nice image. Thanks for sharing.

(St.Stephen) #6

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #7

Nice (almost) monochrome image @gRuGo. Here is amy version with GIMP 2.10.6.
I made water smooth, sky dark, buildings sharp and dark and then adjusted levels and used curves to accentuate the city glow in the sky. Aim was to give it a Graphic Novel cityscape kind of feel (A Manga look).

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #8

Here is my take, using PhotoFlow’s filmic curve + other basic adjustments:

  • manual WB (adjusted by eye)
  • saturation set to 1.5 in color correction module
  • +2EV exposure compensation
  • filmic tone mapping with some degree of local contrast preservation
  • a slight S-shaped curve after tone mapping
  • local contrast increas + USM sharpening
  • final cropping

That’s the resulting image, and the corresponding .pfi file:

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(senpai) #9

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