[Play Raw] HDR panorama

A set of 3 x 3 images. 3 images stack together to create a HDR for a total of 3 HDRs. Those can then be stacked together to create a panorama.

Files can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1umrxnU1-2Q7Fl3lOo_AT0QihgWkk2Yfu/view?usp=sharing

These files are licensed [ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/.


My try with hdrmerge, hugin, and finally ART:

Thanks for sharing! (the ART parameters are embedded in the image metadata)


Hi Alberto, your workflow was hdrmerge > {dng} > ART > {tiff} > Hugin > {tiff} > ART > {jpeg}, right?

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cool challenge today !
I used the following workflow very similar to the @agriggio workflow but with DT 3.2.1
hdrmerge > {dng} > DT > {tiff} > Hugin > {tiff} > DT > {jpeg}


These are the harder ones to tackle, love it!

Tried a few things that did not work (mainly alignment stacking problems). Ended up finally downloading and installing hdrmerge. Gave me good (beginners) results.

So I ended up with the following workflow (yeah, original :slight_smile: ): hdrmerge -> darktable -> hugin -> darktable

Thanks for sharing this bundle!

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Thanks for the posts so far. Those look good. Out of curiosity, why use hdrmerge? Any benefit of just using hugin in the first place? My hugin immediately noticed that there are stacked images and dealt with it. Just had to do the auto align. Was just a few clicks for me.

Initially I couldn’t get it, the aligning part, to work. Neither with my script or using Hugin. I have wanted to give hdrmerge a try for a while now, so I gave that a try and it worked.

That is the main reason why for me. And it’s always nice to try a new piece of software :slight_smile:

I did go back to give Hugin a second try later on, this time it did work but I did have to first align the 3 sets separately before I could make a panorama. Not sure why my script didn’t work, need to look at that another time.

I used only two pictures: 5843 and 5849



As I have yet to understand either RT or DT here is my take in LR 6.13.

3xHDR from the darkest and brightest image (middle one not used)
Panorama afterwards of the 3 HDRs and 3 minutes editing.

What I always liked about this workflow is that you stay in DNG all the time, resulting in a DNG of the shown image as well. They still get very large, although only 75mb in this case.

@simpsus I don’t mean to come off rude or dismissive, but what are we supposed to learn from your lightroom processing? Same question for the other thread where you posted Photoshop results.

not rude or dismissive at all. sorry for spam, I did not know the rules.

No problem! If you have any questions about what we do here, why, or how, feel free to post or DM me.

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I try with darktable 3.2.1 only
IMG_5841-hdr.dng.xmp (15,0 Ko)