[Play Raw] Misty Manhattan

Here’s a picture I took on a helicopter tour on our last vacation:

DSCF8016.RAF (22.4 MB)
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I have been struggling with this series of pictures as there is a lot of haze in the background, and all the colors are very muted in the RAW. What a fun picture to take, though!

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darktable 2.6.3

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To be precise, there is no color encoded in the raw file. There are only RGB values encoded by sensors. You need to apply some input conversion to a color space.


Thank you for posting this image.

DSCF8016.RAF.xmp (8.8 KB)

Nice photo, Bastian!
Here is my try using RT5.7 with ProNegHi LUT and a little haze removal

DSCF8016_RT-2.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

Thanks for sharing, nice and hard image to play with.
Photoflow: exposure, new enhanced sharpening (log), tone mapping, curves, curves in hard light blending mode(15%), relight.

DSCF8016.pfi (31.3 KB)


Here’s my take – nice view!

DSCF8016.RAF.arp (9.1 KB)


RT 5.7
nice but tricky !

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darktable (2.7-git): DSCF8016.RAF.xmp (11.6 KB)


Finally playing again.
Everything done in RT 5.7

P1000015.RW2.pp3 (11.5 KB)


Hello guys,

here is my attempt with current dt-master. Not that artistic, just “did it my way” :slight_smile:

DSCF8016.RAF.xmp (13,7 KB)


DSCF8016.RAF.xmp (11.9 KB) DSCF8016_01.RAF.xmp (12.4 KB)

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DSCF8016_01.RAF.xmp (8.1 KB)

I cropped closer to avoid the vignetting. A high-detail, moderately high dynamic range and moderate contrast monochrome seemed to give me much more pleasing results.

I produced a colour image first, but am less happy with that:

DSCF8016.RAF.xmp (7.7 KB)

Here is a crunchy Hollywood movie still like version with RT 5.7. I can imagine this shot is cut into a close -up shot of a guy talking in the cabin of one of the boats!
DSCF8016.jpg.out.pp3 (12.0 KB)

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DSCF8016.RAF.pp3 (12.1 KB)


I gave it a light touch. First DT with lensfun correction and a bit of levels, followed by GIMP (levels…again) and GMIC with the Freaky Details on a separate layer at 50% opacity.

DSCF8016.RAF2.pp3 (12.8 KB)

and one hdr-ish versione in gimp

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DSCF8016.jpg.out.pp3 (11,7 KB)

Everything done in RT 5.6

DSCF8016.png.out.pp3 (11.1 KB)

RT then resized and sharpened in the GIMP. :wink: Like to see what the final sharpening does.
There seemed to be some noise in the sky in the full sized png so should have looked at that in RT. Applied some reduction in the GIMP.