[Play Raw] playing with B&W

Thanks, @blj, nice edit.
Yes, the guy with the packages is an issue if I want to turn the walking man the main subject - which I do.
That’s why I cropped the way I did in my first post, where he was placed a bit more to the right hand third of the image - not enough, though. @yteaot crop seems to solve it by placing him to left - but the package man is also there, also as much important as the walking man.
In summary, a bad framing at start :smiley:

@gadolf Thanks for the nice feedback. I agree the framing is a bit rough but considering the setting I just don’t think it was avoidable. In a ideal world you could wait for the package man to move but in the real world by the time that happens the walking man is gone :laughing: only way I could think of fixing it would be using a lens that could blur the focus of the package man. Not sure if something that shallow exists tho. Either way I like this photo it gives me that journalistic photo vibe like we are following the life of the walking man.

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using shreedhar image, with imagemgick
convert img_jpeg -evaluate subtract 5% -colorspace gray -sigmoidal-contrast 7x31% -monochrome walk.jpg