[Play Raw] Still Life

Hello this is my attempt at a still life. Any critique is welcome. I have captured this using my Huawei Prague using Hedgecam app.
IMG_20191023_232651.dng (22.5 MB)

The following was edited using Snapseed:

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IMG_20191023_232651.dng.xmp (6.5 KB)


Imho it’s a really dead still life. Empty Whisky bottle, watch don’t running, pocket lighter not burning.


IMG_20191023_232651-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

I’ve chosen a tighter crop:

IMG_20191023_232651.png.out.pp3 (11.4 KB)

IMG_20191023_232651.dng.xmp (6.3 KB) !
I used Gimp Colors>Desaturate>Color to Gray w/default settings and layered on top of Darktable image with reduced opacity


Nice! Looks HDR-esque.

@XavAL A tighter crop ameliorates the otherwise dead life.

@sls141 Good to bring out the textures but the halo is much.

@afre I really didn’t notice until you commented. I made a change to try to reduce the halo. No longer at the default settings now.

@sls141 Much improved. Now if the texture didn’t emphasize the noise in the shadows. :wink:

Some more “live” in the still life …


Oups, typo corrected…

What a funny kind of color that Montblanc ink has…
[Yes, I know that they have diversified, but still…]

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Schweden

Sorry that’s a perfume by Mont Blanc. Moonwalker if you are wondering

Why? Don’t you know the Live Still Life?