[Play Raw] Suburban view

This image has some elements that use to capture my attention.
First, it’s a place that no one cares about and that doesn’t show on tourist guides.
Second, the signs of the last ten years of economic boom, when there was a big social uplifting. (Btw, there’s an ongoing effort to revert back that move)
Third, the favelas, and in this specific case, the Morro do Alemão favela, which is a main center of one of the powerful drug gangs.
And finally - and what draw my attention at first - a mountain range that I’m specially attached with.
I hope I applied some of @s7habo tricks the right way.

IMG_5572.cr2 (11.5 MB)
IMG_5572.cr2.xmp (16.9 KB) (DT 2.7)
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RT 5.6 + spots healing in GIMP

IMG_5572.jpg.out.pp3 (13,0 KB)

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This section is called “play raw”… so I was really playing around :smile:. Here two different versions:

IMG_5572_03.cr2.xmp (10.4 KB)

IMG_5572_02.cr2.xmp (9.3 KB)

(I hope I didn’t mismatch the xmp files…)

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RT 5.6 + removal of spots in GIMP.
IMG_5572.cr2.pp3 (11.8 KB)

PS: The lens seem soft and f/20 is definitely not its optimal setting. Since everything is far away, do you really need such a small aperture?

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They are! Believe me, this is the best I can achieve with them. I made several tests, and came to the conclusion that to get something as far as the mountain range in the image in focus, the only way is to use DOF. If I aim at the mountain and lock focus, it would be worse than this. Also, the manual focus ring is s***, so loose and thin… When I have the resources, I’ll get a better lenses. :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

Actually I was trying to get focus from the closest subjects (the cars and people strolling around) to infinity. At shooting, I didn’t think about this framing. And for that, I used the mobile app you’ve mentioned in another post. But maybe I made a mistake at estimating the subject distance… But I know what you mean, using apertures on the extreme sides should be avoided because of aberrations and diffraction. Thanks for mentioning it anyway.

EDIT: As for the soft lenses, I had them to clean a month ago, so I believe the softness is just poor optics.

@shreedhar I definitely made a mistake.
By looking at the chart in this article, f20 @ 70mm is for an hyperfocal distance of 8 meters, which means, afaik, a subjet distance of 4 meters. Now, the closest subjects in the photo should be at minimum some 70 meters away… well, living and learning :blush:

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IMG_5572.cr2.xmp (8.1 KB)

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Actually, I liked the image for its graphic softness.

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