[Play Raw] Uwa in the tulip field

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When I saw this thread, I got the idea to also make a recent image with tulips available as play raw. The sculpture is „Uwa“ by Jean Sprenger (1950/51) and I took the picture last Sunday in Gruga park Essen (Germany).

20190415_0008.CR2.xmp (6.5 KB)

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20190415_0008_01.CR2.xmp (5.4 KB)
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The photo on Wikipedia shows more of the posture, and face, of the statue (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Jean Sprenger, Uwa 1950-1951

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darktable 2.6.2
20190415_0008.CR2.xmp (13,5 Ko)


Hey y’all
here is my attempt with dt-2.7
hope you like it.

20190415_0008.CR2.xmp (6,2 KB)

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