[PLAY RAW] Vulcan stone sunset

@asn Thanks for this beautiful picture! Here is my photoflow take. I started by compressing the dynamic range, and then added back contrast locally using exposure/gamma and curves adjustments coupled with opacity masks. I have also tried to “repair” the blown-out sun by blending a solid yellow color on the brightest parts of the sun and surroundings:

2018-07-27__7M33870.pfi (72.9 KB)


That’s a wonderful result, @Carmelo_DrRaw


Okay, I spent way too much time on this, :stuck_out_tongue: but I like to solve problems, obsessively. :crazy_face: I used heavy processing, at least for my ancient laptop, so I had to wait :timer_clock: every time I tweaked things or changed my workflow. :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming: That is what I get from doing things from bottom up. Fortunately, I did come up with new techniques along the way. :test_tube::+1: Here is my alt.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → filter pixels A → optimize brightness and contrast for sky and land, respectively B C (curves; from half-size stats: less outliers than full-size)
3. enfuse → iterate step 2 until fusion (contrast) results in < a certain % of out-of-gamut or -range pixels (NB I am still not good at handling them)
4. gmic → filter pixels → sharpen (enhance high freq. contrast) → adjust brightness and contrast (curves) → add yellow → output 2 copies D E
5. pnmclahe → enhance saturation (E)
6. gmic → combine A D E to taste → sharpen (LoG) → resize → crop

Zoom 100% and enjoy. :slight_smile:

First attempt ever with a raw file…


darktable 2.7

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (14.8 KB)


Hey y’all,
may I?

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (10,4 KB)


Here is a new PhotoFlow version, using the new shadows/highlights module to compress the dynamic range:

2018-07-27__7M33870 - 3.pfi (35.7 KB)


I often struggle with sunsets, but I really loved what the sky was doing here. So, here’s my attempt with DT and GIMP.


2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (25.0 KB)

Thanks for your edit @anivegmin. If the foreground is brighter than the sun and the sky, then something is wrong on planet earth :slight_smile:

Haha, yes it’s very easy to lose touch with reality and disappear down a rabbit warren of modules.

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Stared at this image for far too long yesterday, and as asn pointed out, the foreground/background brightness was way off. I’ve re-adjusted things plus tweaked colours and softness/sharpness a bit. I noticed on some of the previous submissions that people had managed to accentuate the yellowy/brown leaves more. I’ve fiddled around, particularly with the colour zones modules, but can’t seem to achieve the same level of colour contrast.

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (25.0 KB)

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@anivegmin Depends on what your objectives were. Not everyone aims for realism. :wink:

If you have read The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu,
you will know that it is fully plausible with more than one light source…

Or if you have slight IR vision like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a nice photo. I might give it another attempt someday. *Bookmarks thread*.

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.pp3 (12.4 KB)

Violet Vulcano Violance :smiley:

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I love that scene.
With RT, “Local lab” build:


As I am trying my hand at dartable 2.7(dev), thanks to @r3cov3r uploading the latest version for windows, here is my second attempt. I am especially happy how a touch a warmth was added to the rock in the foreground, helping to get consistent tone across the whole image. (Used parametric mask based on L channel and applied Cinematic Fuji 400 lut to the rock and the top right corner)

2018-07-27__7M33870.ARW.xmp (32.2 KB)


Now that Filmulator has highlight recovery, I had to try my hand at this.

This one took a lot of tweaking compared to most.

Highlight recovery: 2
Exposure comp: -2/3
Highlight rolloff: 0.61
Drama: 100
Overdrive: on (!)
White clipping point: 0.352
Shadow brightness: 537
Vibrance: -11
Saturation: +100

And a 5:4 crop.