Playing with dt 2.7.0


Ready for the first dinner in 2019.

I used this image to learn more about all the nice modules in darktable 2.7.0.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Mica) #2

Which modules and how do you like them?


In this particular case (in short):

Base curve OFF.
Filmic ON.
Extra sharpening with Highpass.
Fuzzy frame from gimp/g’mic.

I like filmic more and more. Thank you, @aurelienpierre!

(keith) #4

@Claes, same here, at first I didn’t ‘get’ the filmic module but with the improvements in 2.7 I’m ‘feeling the love’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s become so quick and easy to use.
So a big thanks to @aurelienpierre

BTW Your image has turned out really well :+1:

(Aurélien Pierre) #5

You’re welcome. Happy New Year BTW !

You know High-Pass blended in overlay mode is exactly what the sharpen module does ?

Also, we have merged deblurring presets in 2.7 in the equalizer module, I suggest you use them instead (far better results, less halos).


Thank you for posting this, @Claes

I want to join and express my gratitude for the Filmic module, I’m liking it a lot!
Thanks, @aurelienpierre!

Still figuring things out, but it’s by far my preferred workflow now.
Hope to see 2.7 for Windows soon! :smile:

(Mica) #7

Should anyone feel the urge, you can appreciate @aurelienpierre’s work with your wallet. I’d imagine a good chunk of time went into the filmic module, all voluntary and we have directly benifited it.

(Aurélien Pierre) #8

Thanks, that was basically full-time work and still is bugfixes and doc writing.



No, I did not know that!
There are far too many things that I do not know - but still, I am eager to learn!

Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Aurélien Pierre) #10

I don’t get why people still use highpass instead of sharpen or equalizer, and the same way with lowpass instead of shadows/highlights. It’s unnecessary pain.


Oh, that was an easy question.
Because we have not been taught The Correct Way!

(Aurélien Pierre) #12

Hmmm. Not a surprise. They were taught on the Internets.