[PlayRaw] Battle of Light and Darkness




Last weekend I went to the mountains with my family for a casual mountain bike ride and witnessed this. There was a pretty big fire few mountains down the valley so when the wind blew towards us the smoke came over very very fast. I did not have my camera with me so I just used Open Camera app on my Samsung phone. The app limits the resolution for some reason but it creates DNG.
IMG_20170729_185409.dng (30.5 MB)

Here is my attempt in darktable:

IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (14.0 KB)

Considering the quality of the sensor it looks not too bad but I could not find a good balance between getting rid of the noise and keeping details. Anyways here it is. If anyone is willing to play with the raw you are very welcome.
As usual, please use only open source tools and do share xmp,pp3, etc. files as well as processing comments/tips if you have a chance.

License: CC-BY.

Location: Canmore, AB Canada


Love the fluid dynamics and zones of color. Good thing you were able to capture the view. Maybe you could return with your massive camera tomorrow :wink:. Hope that you and yours are safe.


I used Filmulator, as usual.

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IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (8.0 KB)

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in rawproc, the imminent version 0.6.

Processing chain found in EXIF:ImageDescription:
rawproc-0.6 IMG_20170729_185409.dng:colorspace=prophoto;gamma=prophoto; blackwhitepoint:25,193 curve:rgb,0.0,0.0,72.0,53.0,164.0,185.6,255.0,255.0 saturation:2.00 crop:613,374,5291,2990 resize:800,0,lanczos3 sharpen:1

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Thanks! For play raw I usually try and go a different direction than I’d normally go if it were my photo, partly just to experiment and partly because when I joined I enjoyed all the different takes you can get out of one photo.

I’m not certain I’m super happy with this one, I do like my crop, but I didn’t want to spend an hour on it either :slight_smile:


You just broke my heart… just kidding :smile:


Darktable IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (18.2 KB)

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darktable only

IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (20.5 KB)


I really like this one!

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Merci a @Andrius for the raw and all pips’ showing their versions =)

I wanted to go with and Edge look, unfortunatelly Igor must have had misplaced the screengrabs 'cause I can’t find them. You no dinner tonight Igor-san!!!

Darktable got me here

and then onto gimp and gmic just to apply a LUT

detrito_especial.cube.zip (367.8 KB)



Two RawTherapee exposures, one in color for the sky, one in b/w film simulation for the mountains. Layered in GIMP with masking by the smart scissors selection tool and colorizing the mountains layer.

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@Ajohn Sorry that the thread split made your post disappear from here. If you don’t mind editing your post to include the text that you had in the original (about how you arrived at the image), that would be great. Nice work on the photo BTW!

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My try on this one, fully edited in photoflow.

I used some non-local means denoising, mostly on the chroma channel, and then applied my “sky enhancement” preset to make the contrast between the clouds and the sky more dramatic.

Next I increased the saturation and applied a small gamma adjustment to lighten the mid-tones. Finally, I applied a couple of RGB curves to fine-tune the image contrast.

I intentionally kept the mountains dark, almost like silhouettes but with some residual texture.

Here is the result:

IMG_20170729_185409.pfi (39.4 KB)


@Carmelo_DrRaw That sky effect is definitely handy here. (I have yet to add color blending in the GIMP version.) Your take is basically what I would have done with the raw. Maybe brighter than yours for contrast, though upper body pains have prevented me from doing any PlayRaws.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #22

Second attempt, with a bit more contrast in the mountains as you suggested:

IMG_20170729_185409-2.pfi (46.2 KB)

I’m sincerely sorry for that…


@Carmelo_DrRaw I meant I would try to achieve better separation among the sky, mountains and trees. Sort of how @Andrius made the sky the brightest, the mountains less so and the trees completely dark, but consistent with the style of your first attempt.