[PlayRaw] Bikepark jump


(pphoto) #1

During a hike last summer we came across a bikepark in the woods. Was a good moment to take a spontaneous action shot.

RAW-file (CC BY-NC 4.0):20180811_Koblenz_631_Bikepark.DNG (24.2 MB)

(Thomas) #2

20180811_Koblenz_631_Bikepark.DNG.xmp (8,4 KB)

(Eduardo Battaglia) #3

20180811_Koblenz_631_Bikepark_01.DNG.xmp (9.5 KB)


@Thomas_Do I liked how you made the biker more distinct and separate from the background. In the OP, he is a bit lost in the detail and shadows.

(Thomas) #5

Thanks, that is what I tried. Good to know that it seemed to work :slight_smile: .


20180811_Koblenz_631_Bikepark.DNG.xmp (10.5 KB)

Cyclist Handling with equalizer module:
-first Drawn mask around the cyclist

-then Parametric Mask

L : L

a: a

b: b

Then 1


20180811_Koblenz_631_Bikepark.DNG.pp3 (13.3 KB)

Rawtherapee + film emulation in g’mic