[PlayRAW] Gehry building in Sunset


(pphoto) #1

This was last sunday evening in Düsseldorf’s media harbor. Since this was the first sunny weekend for a long time approx. 30% of the people there were photographers.

This picture shows one of the Gehry buildings, the building in front is the water police building.
The JPG is a resized ooc (out of camera) picture, I think that the challenge is getting some colors from the shadow areas
Lens was a Pentax-M 50mm 1.7 (not mentioned in the EXIF)

RAW-file (CC BY-NC 4.0): 20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.DNG (13.6 MB)


Jpg-file is 0735 and raw-file 0736?

(pphoto) #3

Thanks, fixed the file

(Lowell Johnson) #4

Here’s my attempt in Darktable 2.7 Git.

20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.DNG.xmp (5.5 KB)

(Eduardo Battaglia) #5

20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.DNG.xmp (6.2 KB)


20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.pfi (46.7 KB)

The jpeg file has deeper blacks compared to the preview so I’ve lowered the contrast but I’ve discovered that my windows photo viewer displays incorrectly the files from Photoflow (as well as the v4 .icc profile in Rawtherapee :rage: )

(Thomas) #7

20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.DNG.xmp (10,5 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #8

Used GIMP 2.10.6. I darkened the sky, lightened the city, sharpened and cropped the overexposed building. That would have normally removed the man on the left but I cloned him near to the circular building! Used the curves and color balance to give it a moody feel reflecting the leafless trees, concrete jungle and the presence of the law!
Here is the scaled (using the cubic algo) result.


Aw, you cropped the photographer. I get your purpose but it feels a little tight.

(senpai) #10

darktable 2.60
20190217_DDorf_0735_Hafen.DNG.xmp (6,1 Ko)