Please recommend me a graphics board for darktable and windows

I am now running darktable in a desktop computer with integrated intel HD 630 graphics.

Sadly in windows intel graphics are blacklisted and opencl do not work, even when curren opencl 2.1 NEO seems to work correctly (at least in other software like capture one).

So I am thinking of buying a graphics board for photo edition and some video edition (sporadical gaming) in the near future.

I don’t want it to be expensive, but power enough to run darktable.

May you recommend a few in the low end (no mor than 150$) ?

What should I look for?
Is it important to have lots of inboard memory? 2 to 4 GB ?

I have plenty of memory 16GB, in the computer quite fast, but it is not never as fast as onboard graphics.
Does darktable use onboard graphics memory? Uses it mainboard memory?