Plugin to extract JPG from NEF in ART [solved]

Hi Alberto

I would like to use ART to extract JPG from NEF using the command plugin. I don’t know if it is possible. While it is perhaps not complicated, it’s way over my head. So could you help me?

I use a D5100 and a Z50

The exiv2 commands are:

  • exiv2 -e p3 for D5100
    as there are 3 jpg in NEF

220917_114606-Pouilles-A-5238.NEF (17.0 MB)

-exiv2 -e p5 for z50
as there are 5 JPG in NEF

220917_105647-Pouilles-M-1977.NEF (26.8 MB)

Furthermore, it would be perfect if this extraction processing could be included in the queue.

Thank you

For now these are easy… I have tried both…the one listed as no longer available I am sure I have a copy of…it was free to use and creates a send to item so you can use it from the file manager…

Might be a way to do it if you don’t want to work on the command line… and or if it goes into art…

Adding a user command to extract the previews is quite easy, I’ll post an example later. I’m not sure I understand your other request regarding the queue, but currently it’s not possible to do that if I understand correctly what you want. I have in my to-do list the implementation of a “command server” that would allow you to drive art from scripts, I think it might be handy in some cases. But there is no ETA for it yet…

Here are the two user commands:

  • For the D5100:
[ART UserCommand]
Label=Extract the JPG preview
Command=exiv2 -e p3
Camera=NIKON D5100
  • For the Z 50:
[ART UserCommand]
Label=Extract the JPG preview
Command=exiv2 -e p5
Camera=NIKON Z 50

Thanks a lot @agriggio . I am going to try that.
It’s the first time I will use user command on Windows. I will let you know how it goes.

The idea behind putting the job in the queue is to use the same output template for output location and name, without using the output format indeed.

I still have no idea of what this means, sorry…

Easy peasy, it works ok. thanks very much

Instead of outputting the jpg alongside the raw, I would prefer to output the jpg at the same place as other jpg are output from the queue, i.e. with the same template for output location.
I hope I am clearer. But this feature is secondary as I can easily change the location of extracted jpg as desired.

Oh, now I understand, thanks. But this is currently not possible, sorry

Maybe it will be possible some day! Who knows :smile:
Thanks again