PNG with Adobe RGB (?) not displayed properly in Gimp, darktable

Color Management for Creators - A Comprehensive Guide | EIZO contains 2 PNG files, one supposedly tagged with Adobe RGB (I downloaded it into a file named adobergb.png; I won’t share it here as I’m not sure it’s allowed). It does not display the text (is rendered as a magenta rectangle) in Firefox (see screenshot below). The same happens in the Gimp and in darktable – to be exact, in darktable I can see the text if I set the ‘input color profile’ module to sRGB.
Geeqie renders the text visible.

I wonder if the image is valid or not.

darktable with the embedded profile:

With Adobe RGB (compatible):

With sRGB:

In darktable, toggling the preference processing → always use LittleCMS 2 to apply output color profile produces a weird effect, in that the thumbnail’s colour does not match the image, but I guess that’s not related (or maybe that’s not related to LCMS2, I was only able to trigger this occasionally, when scolling the mouse wheel wildly over the input profile dropdown):

With LCMS2 + wild scrolling – note the thumbnail & duplicate manager preview vs the main view:

@Kofa: You don’t say if your computer display is sRGB. If it is, then the image encoded as AdobeRGB is designed to not have visible text. The background is RGB(100%,0,100%). The letters are RGB(90%,0,100%). When the encoding is AdobeRGB, both these colours are outside the sRGB gamut but have the same hue, so we can’t see the letters.

To see the letters on a SRGB screen, tell your software to ignore the embedded profile, and pretend the encoding is sRGB.

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Thank you. It didn’t occur to me that the image had out-of-sRGB colours; I thought they encoded the same (in-sRGB) image in both sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces. It was late at night and I did not investigate enough.