Ponte San Stin, Venezia - Long exposure

I’ve already posted some shots from my visit to Venice. I can’t help but come back to these shots. I love walking in the streets at night.

Here’s one image that at first I didn’t like that much: 40 seconds exposure, first developed in Rawtherapee starting from neutral profile, with just an auto-matched curve to make it look close to the out-of-camera jpeg:

But after playing with some HaldCLUTs, I got something different: a personal “cinematic” HaldCLUT applied (I don’t remember exactly, but I think I made this CLUT from a cinematic look proposed by someone for Darktable, which I turned to a HaldCLUT), helped with an XPan crop:

Now I really like it personally!


The crop and color shift really help bring some moodiness to this shot; well done!

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“Cinematic look” can so easily be overdone, at least for my taste. It’s about the teal and orange hell.

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I tend to agree with you, and I would not use this kind of color grading as most of the time I find it ugly for my photographs. However, for this one (and a couple more from this set), I personally like it a lot. But in fact, teal and orange and close colors can be found all over Venice:

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I fully agree with this statement. The picture has something mysterious now which is very appealing.

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Thank you Daniel!

Importantly, the crop got rid of that big shiny distracting slab in the foreground. The color shift helped put some emphasis on the boat on the left. Nice job!

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Thanks. And this color grading also gives more of a nightly feel, in my opinion, by rendering the shadows bluer.

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Yes, definitely.