poor pictures with Nikon Z6II

I used SiriL 1.2.0 rc, now 1.2.0 Windows with Fujifilm XT-30/X-S10 and Samyang MF 135mm f2 and always got good results. Now I wanted to use a Nikon Z6II with a Nikkor Z 70-200mm f2.8 and a Z24-120 f4. I took 800 uncompressed RAW images with one second exposure, two second interval, ISO 3200/6400. The camera was stationary on a tripod and was not tracked. This worked well for Fujifilm. The individual RAW images taken with Nikon also look good. However, the result after editing in SiriL with OSC Preprocessing WithoutDark is poor. The 16 bit Tiff image is distorted and has lines. Stacking with Sequator does not produce these errors.
Am I making a mistake, or is the program? I would really like to continue using SiriL because it is the best program I know. Maybe someone can help

Hello, I believe the pink glow comes from the lack of dark frames in the processing. The image also looks very distorted, probably caused by the fact that there was no tracking. I don’t know what type of registration Sequator uses, I suspect it has a distortion mitigation that Siril doesn’t yet have.

Many thanks for the answer, it’s the same bad result when stabling with darkframes. With Fujifilm X-T30 and a Samyang 135mm f2, correct alignment and stacking is done with SiriL1.2.0 rc for 500-800 light frames without tracking. The new upload of an image shows such a result in which 641 images were aligned and stacked by SiriL