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I have been using RawTherapee for a number of years now. The development seems to be stuck at 5.8 released way back in February 2020. Stumbled upon ART while I was browsing Flickr RT group. ART seems to be a better replacement for RT and the development is active.

One question. Portability of the program is very crucial for me. RT allows that and is also available on PortableApps.com. Is there a way to make ART portable? My workflow involves keeping the program on a flash drive and edit photos on different machines. All the presets, preferences etc. are stored in the RT directory on the flash drive. Can this be achieved in ART?

yes, you can have a portable installation in the same way as this is possible for RT. I will need to check what is needed though, as I don’t remember on top of my head.

However, note that the development of RT is still very active. Even though there has been no “official” release for a while, you can get development builds that should be pretty stable. I don’t remember the URL right now but if you search around this forum you should find it.


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@agriggio Thanks for the quick feedback. Would appreciate if you can let me know how to make ART portable the same way as RT. I find the UI of ART more modern than RT.

Will try the development builds of RT. Don’t know whether they can be run in a portable mode. Is it as simple as replacing the exe file in the portable installation?

It seems nobody uses 5.8 and everybody uses a dev version. You can get one here:


I have a few ART version on my external HDD. I simple download the 7Z, expand the folder on my external HDD and click art.exe


I am going to rebuild the generic and skylake version. So please redownload once done please.

I saw some issues in another thread…did that get sorted or are there still issues building and with crashes??

This opens, but does not show X3F for me:

This crashed:

This (not gaaned) opened, showed X3F, but crashed when opening a X3F (ARW opened fine)

Thanks. The page that you mentioned has multiple dev versions such as Skylake, Icelake, generic, haswell etc. I have no idea which one to download. Appreciate your help in understanding these versions.

If in doubt, use generic. But you can check your CPU:

Ice Lake from 10th generation (seems only some CPU have it)
Skylake from 6th
Haswell from 4th
Generic 3th gen or older

The PC right now give me when I type “System”:
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3700 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

So it’s 6th gen and Skylake should fit.

Thanks for the explanation. Looks like I have a 10th generation processor! The systems specs show Intel(R) Core™ i3-1005G1 CPU. Will download the Icelake version.