Posing Guide for Portraiture

(Pat David) #1

I was reminded of this recently, and thought it might be informative to include it here. Unfortunately it’s not Freely licensed, but the tips in the guide are insanely useful. They were compiled by photocamel.com user Benji. I believe they were originally this series of posts in their forum:


Someone apparently collected the posts into a simple document here:

I wanted to mirror the document, but I’m not sure if it’s kosher without the approval/release of the original author. If anyone happens to have an account there or knows Benji - please ask him if we could re-publish his posts.


Thanks for sharing. Very interesting, but the PDF is only partially useful since the comments from the forum thread are only partially transcribed. And the whole thing reminds me again how much fun discourse (the software) is compared to other forum software, and what a bad idea it is to block images behind a registration wall.

While I wish you can prove me wrong, from the facts it does not seem that the OP may be too interested to freely share his content here under a free license since he sells this content, probably among additional content, as DVD and book.