Position node offset limits?

Hello, hoping someone can help me.

In my project I am using the Position node multiple times to slide everything upwards, making space below. But I have found I can only go a couple of thousand pixels before everything is truncated. How can I make this canvas bigger to allow for larger position offsets?


Have you tried using a reformat node to change the footage size to something greater?

Actually, it’s mostly text nodes and just one 1920x1080 image as mask. Not sure what I would attach a reformat node to. Oh, and a couple of Merge nodes.

Okay, I had my initial assessment wrong. I can see what is happening now, though I haven’t yet figured out how to fix it. Yes, am a complete noob at this!

I have Text nodes → Merge node → Position node. When I adjust Translate values in the Position node, it’s moving that collection of Text nodes I was placubg more Text nodes outside the dimensions of that space, obviously they are not visible. So how do I create a new layer to overlay on top?

Okay, nevermind, figured it out, re-org and add multiple Merge nodes 8-|

Ok great, happy to hear that your issue is resolved.