Possible to move the Appdata local RT folder?

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before… I did search a couple different ways and did not find anything.

I’d ideally like to get C:…\AppData\Local\RawTherapee5-dev off my C: drive, since it’s a small SSD and I’ve discovered that the cache folder seems to get loaded up with stuff over time…

Possible? I don’t see anything in the options file that seems to allow it.

Not the end of the world since now that I know it’s happening I can do maintenance from time to time but just thought I’d ask.

Is the issue about moving the cache folder of rt to a different drive?

Edit: In this case:


See also http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/File_Paths#Custom_config_and_cache_folders


Thanks will try this tomorrow

Let me/us know if the documentation is unclear.

Had I not seen your helpful screenshot above, and because of how that cache section is worded, I probably would have gone about adding both the RT_SETTINGS and RT_CACHE, which would have been unnecessary (for me because I just wanted to change cache) and maybe confusing. An extra clarifying sentence about not having to use both (or supposing that the RT_SETTINGS is for config and RT_CACHE is for cache, clarifying that…But looking at it again it does show that with the examples, so I was just being slow…)…

RT_SETTINGS is for the “config” stuff, and RT_CACHE is for the “cache” stuff. I confirm that this works correctly in RT5.6/Win10.

Documentation updated: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/File_Paths#Custom_config_and_cache_folders

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