.pp3 files vs ACR handling

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Yes, I understand.


I would like the .pp3 to be seen as ‘the image’. This allows having multiple versions referring to the same raw. But then, the reference to the raw must be stored inside the pp3 (not just a partial filename match) so it is a big can of worms.


@Sympa I know what you mean. PhotoFlow does that if you are willing to give it a try. Opening the PFI opens the raw with the edits, while open the raw directly opens it without the edits.

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Yes, I hesitated to post, as my perspective is really of little use with sidecar-based softwares. But this was the main reason I set out on my own, because I just don’t like having to drag multiple files around for a single rendition of a raw.

Right now, I batch process my raw ‘dailies’ with a script that gets embedded in the 800x600 proof JPEGs. When I review them in geeqie, if I want to edit differently I just drag the image over to a desktop icon (shortcut?) for my GUI program, and it automatically extracts that script, finds the original image of that edit chain, opens it and re-applies the edits and I go from there. Sometimes it’s minor edits that get saved over the original proof; other times I save a different rendition for GIMP editing or printing or maybe just a different crop. Each rendition gets the edit chain that made it embedded in the EXIF. Yep, I don’t have retinex or filmic or such, but I love this workflow and I can get decent ‘starting-point’ tiffs for later work with GIMP if I need.

Where I store in the EXIF, the ImageDescription, is a rather hacky solution. I’d much rather use tags specifically meant for such, and I may move to such when I do the big re-factor for version 1.0.

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afre wrote: You know, you could always filter out the file type or even ask Bridge to ignore it all together.

How is this done?


See: https://helpx.adobe.com/ca/bridge/using/view-files-bridge.html.

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No problem. Remember that RT and Adobe apps both have great documentation that you could check out anytime. :wink: