Practical side of making and exhibiting art made with open source

For around 10 years I’ve been making art using open source software and exhibiting it in galleries. You can see my work here

Recently I’ve started posts I call Development Updates where I talk about the practical side of making the work, the problems I faced, and how to “deploy” it in a gallery where the public may be interacting with it

Most of my work includes programming/generative techniques but I hope it’s still useful to all artists and photographers!


I’d be interested in how you actually get into a gallery, as that is my current, major hurdle. :slight_smile:


I think it depends on what type of art/photography/film you make and where you want to exhibit it.

In the UK there are websites like and which list exhibiting opportunities.

For many of the galleries I’ve worked with and at the work they exhibt is mostly concept driven, so definitely make sure you can exaplin your work and general practice in a way that relate to the themes of the gallery/exhibition. Of course the work should look “nice” but it’s not the most important thing.

There is also the commercial art world but i have less experience of this.