Prblem with RAF Files

RAF files
Hi I use RawTherapee a while ago.
In general I revealed raw from Pentax K5 and Lumix DMC-LX5, with very good results.
I recently bought a Fujifilm X10
The problem is with the RAF files on the X10. Theoretically they are 4000 x 3000 files, but when opened in RawTherapee recognizes 2840 x 2136 files and adds a legend that says 2 frames.
Someone can tell me what’s up with these Fuji files.
From already thank you very much).

Please provide a raf to test and tell us which version of RawTherapee you use.

Ah, that’s a Super EXR color filter array (not to be confused with Super CCD EXR), an older one of Fuji’s weird sensor filtration arrangements.

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I use version 5.8
attached a RAF file
DSCF1387.RAF (18.9 MB)

As @CarVac wrote, it’s an exr file. In RT you can at least use both frames to reduce noise in the image.

Left is only one frame, right is using two frames in SN mode

I get it. So they will always be 6 mpx files.
There is a way to treat these files by converting them to tiff and then opening with RT, in this case 12 mpx files are obtained in RT.
Thank you