Pre-compiled gmic CLI bundle for OSX ready for testing

(Karsten R) #21

Congratulations ! I tried gmic on my actual Mojave 10.14.1 as well as on my Yosemite 10.10.5, both with MacPorts, no HomeBrew, no problem. Besides that I tried it on an empty Mac Mojave, no packagemanager however, no problem however. For display I had to install XQuartz only.

I think the lack of opencv is acceptable, at least for me. I used the camera mostly for testing purposes. There is still the stable gmic package in MacPorts with opencv. Perhaps something similar exist in HomeBrew.

That is a large progress Andrea. If you plan to prepare regularly builds, I think we should convince David to replace my dead link in the downloads by yours. Under these circumstances I think I will stop to build gmic from git even for my private use, your built is better! What about the plugin? Will it be actualized too?

Thanks again, large progress…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #22

Yes, this is exactly my plan. It will work in the following way: 1) the builds will save the git HEAD hash of the gmic repository together with the generated tar archive 2) the next build will first clone the gmic repository and compare the current hash with the one previously saved 3) if they differ, the job will proceed building a new tar archive, otherwise it will stop.

I will set up a daily cron schedule for the jobs, so that new versions will be available at most 24h after the corresponding commit.

I have just triggered a new build, and then I will set-up a similar mechanism for automated updates…

(Karsten R) #23


Just for the built, it might be good to let the pre_release tag with the date for these git builds gmic and gmic-qt set to have some info about the source and time used either in version or in the window header.


Seems to work ok on 10.12 and 10.11 after installation of Xquartz.

(Karsten R) #25

gmic cli hangs at 2.4.2 from Nov 6th. Is there a way to actualize it?


@Carmelo_DrRaw @KaRo

I forked two repos and made some changes to a couple of files to get it to build:

  • gmic-osx/.travis.yml:

    brew cask uninstall oclint

Build crashed on uninstalling oclint (I believe it is automatically uninstalled), so I commented it out:

# brew cask uninstall oclint

  • homebrew-bottles/

    echo "brew reinstall --force-bottle --verbose -f $B"
    brew reinstall --force-bottle --verbose -f $B || exit 1

Build failed with--force-bottle and-f options. I removed those flags:

  echo "brew reinstall --verbose $B"
  brew reinstall --verbose $B || exit 1

Build success!

(Karsten R) #27

Thank you @HIRAM, I could load and run gmic.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #28

The cron-based building of GMIC CLI for OSX was on my TODO list before the Christmas vacations, now it is definitely time to have this finished.

@HIRAM thanks for the fixes, I will introduce them in my own repos.

(Karsten R) #29

Thank you Andrea too. I could load and try it from your repository too. Seemingly camera support is not built in, perhaps intended?
Still thank you for the quick improvement,
Mac users are often quickly discouraged by any problems, still gmic is worth to be tried without the development and packager stuff. Although there are guys who seemingly are interested to hear from the app what to do, perhaps a new way of creativity!
The script development under the cli is by far easier compared to the Gimp plugin command window!