preprocessing error

Hello everybody, I am just starting with Siril and trying to process for the first time, when trying to pre-process the lights manually, every time I have this error message: 15:01:58: Sequence processing succeeded.
15:01:58: Execution time: 2.23 s.
15:01:59: Reading FITS: file, 3 layer(s), 1390x1038 pixels
15:01:59: Sequence loaded: pp_light_ (1->41)
15:01:59: Closing sequence light_
15:01:59: Error: statistics computation failed.

I wonder what is happening, please help!

My bet your images are totally black, with no signal anymore because you subtract biases twice.

Thanks for your help, I am applying darks and flats, I wonder if this is the problem, any other comment will be greatly appreciated

Check that your and images look normal. You can also check that the median of the master dark is not higher than the median of the image, using the statistics tool in image information submenu from the triple bar menu at the top right.

Hi, I checked and the is OK, the is black, I followed every step but is no working, no matter what lights i use.

Thank you so much and think I need some help

Check the statistics as suggested by Vincent.

thanks for your message, I checked the statistics and the screen shows

everthing was sustracted as Vincent stated but how to fix it? I followed every step of BorealisLite Manual full process, and everytime is the same.again thank you so much for your help!!!

I would like to see comparison of
Light stats / dark stats.

If dark median is higher (or equal) to the median light then you can’t do nothing with your darks.

Hello, you are absolutely right I need to take another set of darks, thank you so much very helpful your hint