Preprocessing script that re-uses support stacks

Hello folks,
I’m brand new to astrophotography and I’m learning SiriL, so please forgive me if I get any of this wrong!
I have had a go at manually processing my images, and I’m now trying to get the hang of using the built-in scripts. One thing I’ve noticed that is starting to be a pain is it seems to re-generate my bias/dark/flat images, even if they already exist in the process folder.
Last night I took several series of pictures of different zones of the sky, but took a single set of darks+flats, and thought it made sense to just re-use them for all the shots.
So I’ve created a working directory with folders for biases/darks/flats/lights, and I copy in the lights for the series that I want to process, then run the script. When it’s done I clear out the lights folder and move in the next set, and run the script again. Currently it re-runs through all of the supports and takes quite a lot of time.
Is there a way, while using the built-in scripts, to have it simply use the already stacked supports that were generated in previous runs?
Thanks for you help!

No, the built-in scripts will not do what you want. Using scripts had drawbacks.

You could modify them if you wanted, to remove the calibration master creation from them, it would take some learning but it’s not that hard.

Thank you, the scripts don’t look too bad really. But I could also just do the last step manually I guess as well.