Preserving Preferences

When migrating to a new release, 5.4 to 5.6 in this case, it would be nice to keep prior preferences. In this case RT is being run in portable fashion on Windows as described here. The referenced article describes the folder named “mysettings”. However, it looks like the folder structure is different in 5.6 from what it was in 5.4. There is now an intermediate folder named “app” which seems to have the same content previously included in the main RT folder.

When first extracted 5.6 contains no folder named “mysettings”. When the “mysettings” folder was copied from 5.4 to the “app” sub-folder of 5.6 it seemed to have no effect when 5.6 is started.

Is there a recommended way to preserve preferences when migrating to a new release of RT?

I also run portable on win7. But I don’t see any ‘app’ folder.

Exactly when and where does this folder appear?

The folder structure for 5.4 & 5.6 as follows:

In both cases the RT installer was extracted using Innoextract to the folder named using the designated release number.

Ah, this may be down to the way the extractor is working.

I use innounp and it extracts:
(app) - normal application folder. I move and rename this as ‘5.6’
(fonts) - font folder containing ‘DroidSansMonoSlashed.ttf’

It now looks like I erred. A do over using innoextract on RT 5.4 does the same thing as with 5.6. I must have done as you suggest but it was long enough ago to be forgotten. My apologies.

Any ideas on how to preserve preferences? Copying the “mysettings” folder from 5.4 to 5.6 appears to have NO affect.

It seems to work for me. It recognises the newer version but still loads the old settings.

There may be some things from 5.4 that don’t translate properly to 5.6. Maybe???

Another instance of memory (i.e., brain) failure. I overlooked the need to set the “MultiUser” option to false. With that done the “mysettings” folder is created and when I substitute a copy of the contents being used for 5.4 it seems to work as desired. Haven’t done much yet, so can’t speak to possible compatibility issues but one would not expect such within different releases of version 5. Fingers crossed!

My apologies for forgetfulness. Will make better notes now.

No worries, I forget this type of thing all the time.