Preview thumbnails issue

The preview thumbnails look fine until I open them in ART, after that the preview has a pink band over the preview image (when viewing in ART), the saturation of this ‘band’ seems to be linked to the image itself, the actual image itself is fine. Rawtherapee does not have this issue.
What could be causing this? v1.18.0

Can you share one of the raws? Thanks

I don’t think the raw file itself is being altered, it is just the thumbnail that ART uses for its previews. If I copy the file to another directory the ART preview will look fine again until it is opened for editing in ART.
I’ve just opened a folder of raw images I developed 12 months ago (same camera, pretty sure I would have noticed this issue at the time) and all the files I edited with ART have this band/stripe on the preview with the exception of some dng files in the same folder which do not have this issue.
DSC07613.ARW (23.6 MB)

Thanks. Might be a regression in processing thumbnails then. Odd that I never noticed…

I confirm this is a relatively recent regression. I’m looking into it

Hopefully it should be fixed now – thanks for reporting!

Thanks, 1.18.1 has resolved the issue. The stripes remained on already edited images, but new edit previews were fine. I removed all the files under ~/.cache/ART/images/ which seems to allow the thumbnails to be recreated correctly.