Previewing in G'MIC


When viewing 3d images or using append z, is there supposed to be a two pixel column and row on the right and bottom edge of the window? It is especially apparent when zoomed in.


(G'MIC staff) #24

Yes, as you are displaying a 3d volumetric image, you see the views for (x,y), (x,z) and (y,z).


It would be great if the display could also show the angle when making a rectangle with the mouse.

BTW, G’MIC sometimes crashes when I make a rectangle soon after the display window opens. I cannot replicate this but I think it happens more often when I choose a direction other than :arrow_lower_right:.

(G'MIC staff) #26

Good idea, I see what I can do :slight_smile:

Interested to reproduce the crash if you can tell me a way to reproduce it always (tried here on Linux, with various selections, and no crash so far).


Unfortunately, sometimes is not always. :slight_smile: