Printing in GIMP?

I’m a fairly long term GIMP user. Typically I use it to edit images for inclusion in documents and stuff and had not attempted printing until today.

I needed to print out a couple of images on my Canon Pro 100 and the result was, to be kind, not impressive.

Are there any secrets to getting good color prints out of GIMP?

I’m using the Windows version, BTW.

Was there some more specifics about what you found to be not impressive from your prints?

Could you define “good color prints” a little better for what you might mean?

Calibrate your monitor and your printer.

I was trying to print a collage of sorts to act as a label for a travel medicine case, so I needed a rather specific size and orientation on the paper.

The monitor is calibrated. I print to this printer from Capture One and LightRoom all the time with no issues.

Firstly the print had a rather severe Magenta cast to it. Yes, I ran through all the printer diagnostics.

I was also unable to print in the orientation and scale that I wanted. The image was saved as a pdf, and it printed just fine the first time at the scale and orientation I wanted.

Doing some spelunking around the web, there doesn’t seem to be much positive reinforcement for printing from the Windows version of GIMP. Virtually everything I found said not to do it.

So, obviously there is some special sauce that I’m unaware of.