Problem between Siril and Registax

Hello. I converted LRGB images to TIF format (from Registax 6), but in the “Composition RGB” part, when I load the 4 images, I have the message “Error” in front of each of the 4 images. Thanks for your help.

Would perhaps Software|Siril be a better category?

I have the lasted version of Siril.

I simply meant that the category you set, Processing, may not be the most appropriate.


If you agree, it could be set to Software | Siril, maybe more Siril users would find it and be able to help you. If you cannot make that change (I’m not sure if new users are allowed to do that), I can do it for you.

Hello. Ok, I understand. Than you for your help and sorry for my english ! Regards.

OK, so I’ve moved this to the Siril category. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the software itself, so won’t be able to help you further.

Thanks a lot. I hope I will have answers !