Problem with colors in glossy reflections (wet rocks)


Hey there,

I have noticed colorful reflections on wet rocks in an image I took recently. Attached you can find the raw and the ooc .jpeg. The jpeg doesn’t show the awful colors on the wet rocks which are visible in the crop below (crop from raw viewed in darktable).

How can I solve this problem?
OOC: (16.5 MB)

Demosaicing: Olympus M43 vs Nikon FX

The crop screenshot— is that a 100% aka 1:1 crop. It seems awfully zoomed in.


LightZone has a very similar problem with the photo. Rawtherapee does not.

@matejmarti, adding the camera model to your original post might be helpful.

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I tried to get close to the same crop as yours.

20180823_P8230061_01.ORF.xmp (2.9 KB)
This one uses Amaze demosaic, full &local average and the Defringe module at the default setting.

20180823_P8230061.ORF.xmp (2.9 KB)

This one uses the Lowpass filter module with the blur turned way down and using the color blend mode.

Hope this helps.:sunglasses:


Thank you very much! The results from AMaZe demosaic alone are very satisfying. :smiley: