Problem with download older version

Zrzut ekranu 2021-11-02 103324

There is .txt in the name here, weird

10:40 - I cannot create new replies for 24 hours

And what to do with it?

Yes and as mentioned before pl.po.txt is incorrect. It should be pl.po.

Make sure Windows shows the extension in the filebrowser and rename it (as in: remove the .txt part).

That was explained to you in post #3

Unzip it and place it in the mentioned directory/folder.

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please try again

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It works! Thanks a lot for all your help!


C:\Program Files\darktable\share\locale\pl or wherever darktable was installed

Great, good to see that this is now fixed :slight_smile:

And you’re welcome.

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Thanks again! Have a nice day :slight_smile: