Problem with rendering photos

(Anna Newerla) #1

Hi. I bought a new computer not a long time a go, and at the old one I didn’t experience this kind of problem.
During editing in programme it looks okay on the preview.
After rendering the photo, when I open it on the computer it looks totally different (for example in the programme you can see facial features - under eyes etc.).
The photo looks totally different from the preview in the programme after rendering to JPG/PNG.
Of course the photos are in RAW format. The programme is RawTherapee.
Here’s how it looks:

I would appreciate all the help.

Equipment that I work on:
Lenovo Legion.
Graphic card : nVidia GeForce GTX 1060
Processor: Intel Core i5-8400

(Mica) #2

What program are you using to view the jpeg? Is it color managed?

What output ICC profile are you using from RawTherapee?

(Anna Newerla) #3

For viewing: Picasa or WIndows 10 Photo Viewer
Output ICC profile: RT_sRGB
Working Profile: Adobe RGB

(Mica) #4

I don’t think the Win 10 photo viewer is color managed. Not sure about Picasa.


You might have to turn on colour management for those apps. I copied this image from the web:


I don’t think you should be using Picasa, since the software is no longer supported. Personally, I use IrfanView. It is not FLOSS and might not meet everyone’s needs, but is free for non-commercial use.

(Hermann-Josef) #6

One has to be very careful with IrfanView, as far as colour management is concerned. If it is enabled and you make any changes to your image in IrfanView and save the changes, the output image incorporates the monitor ICC-profile, i.e. your colours are ruined. If you disable the colour management, well, the colours you see are not correct.


(Morgan Hardwood) #7

@norgesome though the concerns about color management are valid, in this case it has nothing to do with the difference between preview and saved image. You hadn’t uploaded the PP3 file but it looks like you’re using the Tone Mapping tool, and possibly other tools whose rendering depends on image size. Read the documentation: