Problem with Sigma Lenses/exiv2/Darktable

I am having a problem with exiv2 not reacting to the config file I have created to identify 4 Sigma lenses. This is the config file that is located in my home directory (Linux Mint):

$ cat ~/.exiv2
72=Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX IF HSM
130=Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM | C
138=Sigma 24-105mm f/4.0 DG OS HSM [A]
151=Sigma Macro 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM

The Lens ID number is what both exiv2 and exiftool report so I’m certain they are correct. The lens descriptions are taken directly from Lensfun and will work if I manually select them in the Darktable Lens Correction module. The actual description reported by my Nikon cameras contains slight differences in the the parsing of the lens description but definitely describe the lens correctly.

When I open Darktable and “refresh EXIF” the lens description does not change in Darktable and selecting the Lens Correction module gives a red “camera/lens not found” error message. I have created presets within the module to change the lens name to match the Lensfun database but this should be happening automatically.

I have read all previous related topics on this site including the one a couple of days ago that included a Youtube video by PaparazziNinja. Video was excellent but is exactly what I have been doing. Any suggestions?

are you using the flatpak, perhaps? if so, you’d be sandboxed by flatpak.

Yes I am - and I didn’t realize that I would be sandboxed. I will install the Mint system package and advise if that solve the problem. Thanks.

Tried fresh install with Mint system package - same problem.

can you start darktable from the command line? What is the command you use?

For the flatpak, can you try putting a copy of your exiv2 config file in ~/.var/app/org.darktable.Darktable/config/.exiv2 ?

I can start Darktable with darktable-cli

EDIT - Just to be clear this starts a limited CLI GUI version but it does start. I was able to load Darktable Options.

The flatpak has been removed - only version is from Mint system. Using DT 4.8

EDIT - I have copied the exiv2 file to ~/.var/app/org.darktable.Darktable/config/ and still not working but this is with system version of Darktable

Well that path is for the flatpak so I don’t expect it to work for the system version.

Did you add a repo for the system version or how did you get it?

It was installed through the Linux Mint Software Manager. It is version 4.8 but I just noticed that the Lensfun library is not up to date. I will reinstall flatpak version of DT and try moving exiv2 file as you suggested.

OK I reinstalled flatpak version and both are installed. Moving the exiv2 file doesn’t solve the problem.

FWIW the system version of Darktable (Mint 21.3) is missing cameras and lenses that show up in the flatpak version of Darktable - eg Nikon D850 camera and many Sigma lenses. I will probably end up going with the flatpak version when this is straightened out.

In terminal, execute lensfun-update-data

I had to install first but it did update lensfun and the system version of Darktable now recognizes all my cameras and lenses. Thanks for that.

Did you refresh the meta data from Actons on Selection > metadata > refresh?

For me, when the file ~/.var/app/org.darktable.Darktable/config/.exiv2 is present and I use the refresh metadata function, the lens from the exiv2 config file is used.

I used Actions on Selection > metadata > refresh EXIF. This is on the right hand panel of the lighttable section. The lens identification in the image information panel doesn’t budge, neither does the lens identification in the darkroom lens correction module. Once I manually select the correct lens in the lens correction module the correct lens is shown in that module and all corrections are automatically applied but the lens identification in the image information panel doesn’t change - I’m not sure if it should or not.

I have both the system version and flatpak version of Darktable setup and they are behaving exactly the same.

You might need to reset the lens correction module as well.

You can also share some problematic raw files, that’d probably be helpful at this point.

Yes I am just trying to figure out how to upload a file or two.

drag and drop them on the post editor here.