Problem with SIRIL final .fit image size

I have just started with Astro photography and SIRIL. I have taken one set of images (darks, lights, bias, flats) and run these through SIRIL on two on my computers. One computer with 16GB of ram processing the images in over eight hours – 8 HOURS – and produces a final .fit file that is around 1.48GB in size. The other computer has 64GB of ram and runs the same set of images in just about 7 minutes with a final .fit file that is only 372MB. Another problem/issue is that SIRIL creates 300-400GB of files on the hard drives. Is this normal? Or, what am I doing wrong?

I haven’t a clue as to why there is such a discrepancy between what the two computers are doing with the SIRIL and the image files. Have you experienced this situation?


372 * 4 = 1.48GB.

That means in one case you stacked with Drizzle x2 and in the other you didn’t.

Also, Siril do create a lot of temporary files, this is perfectly normal. I can redirect you here if you want to read why.

I thought that I had run the images using the SIRIL default settings on both computers. So, I think this means that I will repeat this exercise and check/check/ and then re-check to ensure that the settings are identical on both computers. Thank you for this bit of information.

That must have been what I did wrong. When I repeated this exercise and verified the settings both .fit images came out at 372MB.