Problème instaling 4.8 Windows 11

When I started the upgrade, I got a message warning me that it would take a lot of time to update the database. But after more than 24 hours I am still unable to use Darktable. So I decided to reinstall it, but so far it is still unavailable.
Any help will be more than appreciated. Thank you

What is the size of your database?

Uninstalling, reinstalling will not remove any configuration or database. They will only help in cases when the software itself is damaged (e.g. hard disk failures).

This is the size of the library as of today: 149,088 KB

I agree with you, but I decided to do it on the assumption that may be there was a problem installing the upgrade!!

That is not that large. Do you have some antivirus running that might interfere with the install? Upgrading the database should not take that long.

I have had no problems at all upgrading from all the old versions. In fact, I used Darktable extensively a couple of days before I tried to upgrade to 4.8. Thanks for your input.

Can you post a screenshot of the files in your config directory? Your DB might be locked.

I deleted both lock files, and they were recreated as soon as I tried to run Darktable.
I was able to ascertain that the new library file was created by 4.8 ( got a message from darktable), and that I could not open it with 4.6.
My next move was to try to reinstall and use 4.6 which I was able to do, and next I will try to upgrade again, but this time by keeping the old version. I hope it will work this time around!!

The appearance of lock files is normal: they are there to prevent an accidentally stated second insurance if damage corrupting the already open files.
You should probably run darktable from the command-line and use some debugging options like -d common, posting the log file here. It’s in the inetcache\darktable directory; you can find the exact location by searching the forum (I’m writing on the phone).

Thank you all for your suggestions and helpful input.
Here is the latest I reinstalled 4.8, the new data and library were created, but every time I try to run Darktable I get the message “do you want to upgrade the database”. It does not help to keep saying YES, because I still get the same bloody message!
So I am going to wait until tomorrow before trying to open it again, and if I am going to get the same message, I am going to forget about 4.8 and back to the previous version.
Again thank you very much.

Without the log file, we are blind.