Problems compiling darktable-3.6.1 from source on linux

I have built earlier versions of Darktable without too many problems but 3.6.1 has caused some frustration. Running make fails with references to ‘Graphite optimization loops’ being unavailable.

It seems that gcc needs to be recompiled with the isl library ( in place. Libisl is available from Public Git Hosting - isl.git/summary.

Without more information hard to see the actual problem. What GCC version are you using? On which platform?

Hi Pascal, and sorry that my initial post was not very clear. I posted after my problem was solved in the hope that it might save someone else some frustration.
My ‘platform’ is Linux from Scratch and is using gcc-11.2.0. The gcc source package has a number of optional requirements, one of which ‘isl’ and it is, apparently what enables gcc to handle ‘Graphite optimization loops’.
The last time I built darktable (3.0.2), isl was not needed.
I have since noticed that there is a script in the gcc source package that makes a requirement if enable-graphite is included in configure.
So, no problems, thanks for the prompt reply, and thanks for the great program.

Ah “Linux from Scratch” so indeed not a dt issue :slight_smile: We cannot test all build configuration, so we know that GCC on most (all?) standard platforms is OK, we cannot do more :slight_smile: