Problems when switching from IRIS

I have some problems with file export from Iris and hope to overcome them with Siril.

Essentially, the Iris cannot write out linear, un-interpolated, and uncompressed tiff (or I am not able to find the way). What I am trying to do is:

  • Read in three raw DSLR files
  • Split those files by CFA layout (split_cfa) and process as needed
  • Select four (out of twelve) resulting files and merge them back into a single, un-interpolated and uncompressed, synthetic raw file.
  • Export the resulting file as un-interpolated and uncompressed tiff (or any other common format)

So I gave a try to Siril and, being a new user, encountered problems:

  • Siril has ‘split_cfa’ command and it appears to work, but I see no means to merge the resulting files into a single un-interpolated file with the CFA layout.
  • Siril fails to open/convert Iris .pic files (I use latest Iris v5.59).

Iris can do all but the last step. Siril can neither merge the files, nor read the ones I have already merged in Iris. I hope there is a solution, and somebody can explain how to do it.