Problems with DNGs from Barracuda Dual ISO and Topaz Denoise AI

Hello, I found a couple of issues with DNGs from Magic Lantern Dual ISO and Topaz Denoise AI v2 (i’don’t own the v3).

Files from Magic Lantern Dual ISO, converted by Barracuda are well readable by RT 5.7 but no longer by newer versions (I maybe remember a 5.8x nightly build that was working but I updated it and the actual one does not do the job).

DNGs from Topaz Denoise seem unreadable by everything I tried. I don’t have a software able to decently open them.

Not really a problem.
I can survive with RT 5.7 for the 2 or 3 Dual ISO that I annually shot :rofl:. To save DNGs from Topaz it’s not a thing that I do, since it did never worked.
So, this is not really an issue. It’s just a mention, if you want to give it a look.

Files are here:

@bluc Just to clarify: are you asking about RT or ART? If RT, then we are in the wrong category. :wink:

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Hi, both seem to sort-of work with the current master if you have ART built with libraw support (which is the recommended configuration). For the Topaz DNG, you should set the input profile to “Embedded” and the WB coefficients to 1:

For the dual-ISO file, there doesn’t seem to be anything special needed.


The problem could be on Topaz’ side. I don’t have V2, but some photos edited with 3.1 or 3.2. The Sonys work fine, but the Canons in fact can not be handled by RT (assuming you are speaking of RT).

When I redo them with current 3.6.X everything works fine. So there seems to be some fix on the part of Topaz. Otherwise… DT has no problem with any of the DNGs…

I don’t remember V2 much, but does it have options to embed or apply some kind of profiles to the DNG? Have you tried various possible settings?

I’m talking about ART. I just mentioned RT since it has the same strange behaviour, with some builds working well with files from Barracuda Dual ISO and some other builds not.

ART is :
Version: 1.12.1
Branch: master
Commit: 8262aa635f13

DNGs from Topaz are now OK, following your suggestion. Thank you.

With Barracuda Dual ISO, this is what I obtain. A magenta image:

Myabe something in my .arp? I think I did not do any change. It is, or almost is, the default ART profile.

This is probably a bug that was fixed after 1.12.1. Here’s what I get with the current master:

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All issues I reported are now fixed with the 1.13 version.
Thank you!