Problems with folder names with some characters - darktable 2.6.0 windows


Hello… I think this may be a bug in Windows version only. I’m using darktable 2.6.0.

TL;DR: Paths with special characters (maybe UTF-8 issue or at least with latin acute characters) are not working properly when checking for changed xmp files on startup and when working with Lua script (gimp.lua)

I was editing some photos on a second computer (laptop), they share the same data path for the photos. When I went to the main computer, it didn’t warn me to update the xmp files as before (yes I have the option to scan for new updated xmp files at startup enabled) It just ignored it as if nothing were changed. This works with other folders. And I have discovered that it is because this folder in particular has a ó character. I renamed the folder with o only (without the acute) and relinked the images in both computers and made some changes again in one of the computers… then back again to the other computer and it works and it detects the changed xmp file on the other computer. Maybe it doesn’t support UTF-8 characters in the path.

Also… I was testing the Gimp Lua script to export and edit in Gimp and it was working on normal paths, but again in this path that has a ó in the name of the folder, it didn’t work. It opened the temp file in Gimp, but when exiting Gimp, it can’t move the temp file back to the folder.

So I think there is an issue with UTF-8 or Latin letters with acute in the paths of the photos at least. Can anyone confirm?

(Bill Ferguson) #2

I’ll see if I can recreate the problem with gimp.lua. Could you please open an issue at so that we don’t lose track of it.