Project sizing error

(Joey Scranton) #1

I’ve been using blender for awhile and just got into using natron, I’ve been using it and blender for animation and I’ve ran into a problem I don’t know how to solve.

As u can see the pic is off balance.

(Frédéric Devernay) #2
  • set the project format to the size you expect for the output (type “s” in the nodegraph to get to project settings)
  • in the write node, check that the “Format Type” parameter is correctly set to “Project Format”

what happened is that the first image you loaded for this project was probably 2000x2000, and the project format was set from that

(Joey Scranton) #3

I checked and nothing changed, I’m using 4 merge nodes, would that be a problem, I also tried using lensdistortion node and card3d but all that did was either put the film in the middle or brew parts of it up but not the 1920x1080 I wanted. Does that make it 1080p or is 1080 more then just a sizing dimension?

(Joey Scranton) #4

Not sure if any of this will be helpful.QD (286.1 KB)

(Omar Brown) #5

Can you provide the images for us to check the issues you are having.

(Joey Scranton) #6

I fixed it, thx for trying to help, I switched it from project format to fixed format.

(Omar Brown) #7

Cool breeze

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