[PROPOSAL] Looking for author for writing beginner's book in French on photographic image processing

Hi there,

Would any French speakers among you be interested in writing a book explaining the basics of photographic image processing to non-technical people?

The aim of this book would be to help photographers, amateur and professional, to better understand these processes in order to better use them and obtain better results.

Readers could be asked to reproduce the examples and experience the algorithms with G’MIC, ImageMagick, Darktable or RawTherapee.

The book will be published in digital and printed form by D-BookeR (www.d-booker.fr).

For more information, please contact me off-list to : auteur at d-booker dot fr

Sounds like a lot of work. What’s in it for the author?

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I am not sure I fully understand the meaning of your question.
Indeed, writing a book takes time and is not very profitable in comparaison to a day of training, for example. But should we stop making books? It is still a good tool for self-learning.

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Yes, writing takes a lot of time.
But I had the same question “what’s in it for the author?” when I saw your original post. It’s rather rare to see an editor searching for an author, usually it’s the other way around (author desperately searching an editor).
So some idea about the return on investment for the author would be useful, like payment per copy sold, expected sales (size of print run seems largely irrelevant here), etc.
And your site doesn’t have much information for aspiring authors.

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Certainly “what is for the author” is a question. Of course, money is most often mentioned, but there is also notoriety, the relationship between publisher and editor, and so on. I don’t think that money is the main driver of this approach.

What seems important to me is what population is targeted? Because between a novice, a photo professional, and someone who develops new processing algorithms, everyone must be able to find their way around.

It is not simple and can be compared to the apparent complexity or not of a software. “A question is only difficult if you don’t know the answer.” It’s the same thing here, such an algorithm may seem complex to one and simple to the other because of whether or not he has used it elsewhere…or simply because of his level of curiosity and culture.

But it is certain that it takes time, requires a strong personal investment and support in terms of layout, pedagogy, etc.

I think under certain conditions (see above) it might be of interest to me.


hi, a FAQ is available

“Serai-je rémunéré ?
Oui, vous serez payé en droits d’auteur. Les droits d’auteur sont un pourcentage sur le prix de vente hors taxe (ou CA hors taxe). Vous signerez un contrat d’auteur en début de projet, généralement une fois que le plan de l’ouvrage et les délais de rédaction sont fixés.
Le pourcentage pratiqué par les éditions D-BookeR est de 16% sur les éditions numériques, 8% sur les éditions imprimées. Si vous êtes plusieurs auteurs, ce pourcentage est à répartir entre vous en fonction de votre participation respective.”